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Whiskey Barrel Round Top End Table


  • With a mix of cork, upcycled whiskey barrel lids and metal, this piece will fit into just about any decor scheme.
  • This conversation starter nestles gracefully into the gap between your bed and wardrobe and can serve as a nightstand or add to your farmhouse decor next  to your sofa or in a corner of your kitchen.
  • Notes: Please position the product where it is not exposed to heat, direct sunlight, or moisture. Please keep the product away from sharp and pointed objects and from corrosive substances. Children are not allowed to climb on the product.
  • 21” round with inlay cork coasters
  • 26” tall


Product Details

  • Top Material: Whiskey barrel lid - white oak
  • Top Color: Brown/wood grain
  • Base Material: Metal
  • Base Color: Black

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